RFIDs - 一个手持阅读他们所有

SmartAT870轻巧坚固(IP65评分) mobile unit manufactured by SmarTerminal that Telaeris resells.


它是一种出色的设备,能够读取大多数RFID标签,条形码和智能卡。 我们对此设备可以做什么有很多疑问,因此本文讨论了SmartA的大部分功能



The great thing about the SmartAT870, is that it has attachments to support 任何 of the standard RFID tags and frequencies. For those who need a refresher of the basics – the frequency of a RFID signal is measured in 赫兹(赫兹) or number of transitions per second. All RFID chips operate at a specific frequency (low, high or ultra-high) and readers need to be tuned to the same frequency.

低频低频 (LF):通常以125 KHz或134 KHz运行。 LF用于大多数访问控制徽章以及动物标记。
高频高频 (HF):以13.56 MHz运行,用于智能卡和护照(ISO 14443 A / B)。 一些工业RFID和访问徽章也调整到这个频率(ISO 15693)。
超高频率超高频率 (UHF):在400MHz - 900MHz频段运行。 大多数用于资产跟踪的商用RFID都属于900MHz系列。



Depending upon the RFID tag you want to read, the configuration of the SmartAT870 RFID reader and antenna will be different. The reader antenna transmits signals which power passive RFID tags. The tagXCHARXs embedded chip sends information identifying itself.

外置天线外部天线: Works with UHF or HF RFID tags and provides the best range. Some UHF tags can be read up to 20 ft away and HF tags up to 6 inches away. The external antenna configuration is usually accompanied by a gun handle.
背包天线背包 天线: This can be built with HF and/or LF RFID readers. In this configuration, tags can be read up to a maximum of 4 inches,
内置天线内部 天线:这种配置是最薄的,但它只能用HF RFID阅读器构建。 它的范围仅为2-3英寸。
聚焦天线聚焦 天线: This configuration was specifically designed by Telaeris to read HF RFID tags embedded in metal. It requires close (< 1 in) contact to read the chip.

Supported Badges, Smart Cards and RFID Tags

There are many types of RFID enabled smart cards and tags that are used for different situations. Even when these devices operate at the same frequency, they essentially “speak different languages” so specific readers are required for each type. Our most common smart card, RFID tag and badges which are supported by the SmartAT are described below:

标准智能卡标准智能卡 (HF):这些描述符合ISO标准之一的任何卡技术,包括 MIFARE, ISO 14443 A/B, or ISO 15693. Data can be read and written to these cards.
政府推动智能卡政府PIV智能卡 (HF): Technically PIV/CAC/FRAC is a variant of ISO 14443 smartcards. The Government Personal Identification Verification Smart(PIV) 卡片有自己的数据格式,用于存储政府识别数据。
隐藏了iclass智能卡HID iCLASS智能卡 (HF):此读卡器已通过认证 HID to read all iCLASS access control cards.
隐藏HID Prox (LF):此阅读器适用于所有HID Prox访问控制卡。 这些类型的卡构成了美国大多数建筑物入口徽章。
多供应商代理多供应商Prox (LF): Prox technology is no longer patented by HID. Many other vendors now produce Prox cards. The SmartAT870 can be provided with readers configured to work with any proprietary Prox technology cards.
iclass + proxiCLASS + Prox (HF&LF):随着新的发布 iClassSE reader, Telaeris now provides a reader which can simultaneously support both LF and HF card technologies.
标准的rfid标签标准RFID标签 (HF):我们的HF读卡器可支持大多数ISO15693型HF RFID标签。 这些标签的读取范围只有几英寸。 这种类型的标签需要背包或外部RFID阅读器。
金属嵌入式rfid标签金属嵌入式RFID标签 (HF):通常,金属使得难以读取RFID标签。 Telaeris专门设计了HF聚焦天线来解决这个问题。 只要接近物理接触,就可以保证使用金属嵌入式标签。 阅读更多关于金属嵌入式RFID标签的信息
远程rfid标签远程RFID标签 (UHF):这些标签可以用我们的UHF阅读器读取,支持所有标签 EPC GEN 2 UHF type tag. Read distance can be up to 20ft away and requires an external antenna. 在此处阅读有关UHF RFID范围的更多信息


每个SmartAT870还可以使用1D或2D条形码阅读器构建, 每个都有自己的优势。 无论RFID技术如何,我们 时刻 add a barcode reader to devices we provide. 在此处了解有关条形码和RFID芯片之间差异的更多信息

1D条形码1D 条形码扫描速度最快,但只存储短数字和字母串。 它们几乎用于所有超市。
2D条形码2D 随着QR码和手机的出现,条形码可以容纳大量数据并且变得越来越普遍。 扫描时间比1D代码长。 此外,它们可以打印得非常小。


There are many more options that can be delivered with any SmartAT870 including: integrated Camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, and GPRS. In addition, you may purchase a full range of accessories such as Larger Batteries, Desktop Cradles, Vehicle Cradles, Gun Handles, Protective Cases, Holsters, and Slings to meet your specific operational needs.

Telaeris提供用于跟踪人员和资产的硬件和软件解决方案。 如果您对SmartAT870掌上电脑或您的特定解决方案所需的RFID技术有任何疑问,我们的工作人员将很乐意回答您的任何问题。

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